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ANGLER’S ALL-IN-ONE –BEST INSECT REPELLENT 2 OUNCE BOTTLE- ALL NATURAL - FDA APPROVED – The USDA states that pine oil is much better as an insect repellent than Deet against mosquitoes and ticks. ( Sold and used for 102 years in the Carolina's. Just became available throughout the USA. It is packaged in a 2 ounce plastic bottle and is made of long leaf pine oil. Pack for fishing and all outdoor activities; all natural, safe for the environment, repels insects, sooth scrapes and burns, rub in to ease aches, muscle soreness and pain. This is an outdoor persons dream and a must bring on all outdoor activities. The product is FDA approved for safety and effectiveness. All natural. Environmentally safe. Long lasting. Guaranteed to satisfy or I will refund your entire payment.

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