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Astyptodyne Classic

1918 Flu Epidemic

During the "Flu" epidemic of 1918, many families used ASTYPTODYNE as a preventative medicine. It was found that a tablespoonful added to a quart of boiling water and placed around the rooms of the house, especially in the bedrooms, that the members not stricken were prevented from the infection, as a result of inhaling the vapors. Families today use it in vaporizers to accomplish the same result as used in the earlier days.

Whooping Cough, Asthma, Bronchitis, Hay Fever and other Bronchial complications have been highly benefited by vaporizing ASTYPTODYNE. The odor of it is not a all unpleasant and is decidedly healthful. The youngest infant can inhale it for any length of time without harm.


As a liniment or rub, apply ASTYPTODYNE freely and massage well several times daily. On open wounds and burns, clean the affected area thoroughly - apply ASTYPTODYNE and bandage, keeping bandage dampened with ASTYPTODYNE.


It has been effectively used on pets, horses, and catlle as a healing agent and liniment. It heals scratches, bruises, sores, reduces swelling, mange, and is a flea repellent. Mix one teaspoon of ASTYPTODYNE with four teaspoons of Vaseline and apply three times daily. One cap full of ASTYPTODYNE in the bath water will immediately kill all fleas, nits, tick and their eggs.


Never to be used internally or in the eyes. No reports of adverse effects have been found when applied topically.


The original Pine Oil Liniment from 1906. This miracle oil has been known to cure everything but a broken heart. Astyptodyne has been a Southland tradition for more than 103 years. Used for cuts, bruises, scratches, sunburn, fire ant bites and so much more!

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Available in 2oz or 4oz
Amber Brown Glass Bottles
This product is FDA approved, safe & effective

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