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It is with great pleasure I state that your Astyptodyne is the best preparation for athletes getting into shape I have ever used. It knocks out stiffness, soreness, and prevents them. I wish you and all those who use it great success.
Yours Truly,
Thomas Sharkey
New York City

My wife had a triple spinal fusion surgery a few years ago. The site has become arthritic and painful enough that she takes 2 Darvocet four times a day. I have been rubbing her back in with Astyptodyne for about two weeks. The pain has disappeared and she no longer needs the Darvocet.
Herbert L. Weissman
Lonwood, FL

This is to certify that I have used Astyptodyne in my family for the past year. I find that there is nothing equal to it for an all around family remedy. It is good for all kind of sores, skin troubles, eczema, colds, sore feet, burns, mosquito bites, and all such things. It is also a fine antiseptic.
H.L. Godwin
U.S. Congressman,
6th District Dunn, NC.

To Whom It May Concern:
I owe my life to your wonderful remedy Astyptodyne. I believe it to be the most wonderful remedy known to mankind. I carry a bottle constantly with me. I would not be without a supply of it in my home.

Yours Truly,
W.H. Coffee,
Fayetteville, NC.

Last summer while visiting North Carlina, I purchased a bottle of your Astyptodyne. I found it very soothing in cases of colds and soreness.
Albert Copeland
Cincinnati, Ohio

Hello, I am 85 years old. I have used Astyptodyne all my life. I work in my yard for hours everyday. When I come in, the first thing I grab is my bottle of Astyptodyne. It soothes the sore muscles in my back and on my hands. When the gnats are bad, I rub it on my arms, face and neck. I give it out to my neighbors who also enjoy their yard. Thank goodness for Astyptodyne.
E. King
Willmington, NC

Astyptodyne has helped tremendiously with a bedsore on the heel of my foot. I soaked my foot in a container of warm water with several drops of Astyptodyne mixed in. It helped with the infection and healing. I'll always believe it kept me from losing my foot.
Major Sullivan
Goldsboro, NC.

Dear Sir,
My father was a coal miner and his father was a coal miner. They used Astyptodyne to help them breathe. They would boil it in water on top of their oil heater. I am a coal miner just like my father and grandfather. I can not go one day without using Astyptodyne. I have a vaporizer that I put it in. It helps me breathe all night and keeps the mucus from growing in my chest. Thank you!

West Virginia.

Last year while working in Wilmington, I purchased a couple of bottles of Astyptodyne Skeeter-Go. It is the best thing I have ever seen for mosquitos.

L. De Dayarde
Ocean City, MD

My son-in-law has a growth on the top of both his arms. The doctors did not know what caused it and could not heal the condition. Two applications of Astyptodyne and the growth disappeared and has not returned.
Rex Marchington
Apopka, FL

Time Release Bacteria & Odor Eliminator:

We just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how effective the Time Release Bacteria & Odor Eliminator has been. We have used ft at the office and at home to eliminate odors of all sorts — from bathroom odors to smoke odors to what has been called the “Jeep Funk”. This product you have created has been far more effective than any other odor eliminator we have ever seen. It really is amazing.
Jeff and Steve Lareau
Apopka, FL

I have been using your product Time Release Bacteria & Odor Eliminator for a few weeks now and want to tell you that is a wonderful product! As an avid cyclist my helmet gets plenty of use and gets rather sweaty. After using other “fresheners” on my smelly wet helmet the odors were only masked. Time Release Bacteria & Odor Eliminator has proven to actually eat all those odors and my helmet no longer smells of perfume but smells fresh.
John Sabo
Orlando, FL

As an avid car, motorcycle and overall motor vehicle enthusiast I was very impressed by the Aero Slick’s resistance to road film, bugs and debris normally accumulated on the front of an automobile over long driving trips. As a Chemist and a Chemical Engineer, I was impressed with the ease of application when using the material and the quick shine and results when applied. I have applied the Aero Slick product to my antique motorcycle my AT, SUV and black colored road car, all with astounding results related to shine and resistance to dirt. I agree, this material is a phenomenal product that is easy to use. I look forward to trying on more surfaces I want slick and shiny.
Don Lowe
Bayonne, NJ


As a avid lifetime boater I have tried literally dozens of different waxes and polishers in an attempt to keep the dreaded brown waterline off of my boat and jet-skis. In the past I would always have to wash my boat5et-skis immediately upon arrival back to the house. I recently tried your new Aero-Slick product on my boat and jet-skis and was amazed at the performance of the product. The first thing I noticed was that after I applied the product, you could feel the surface turning slicker than glass leaving behind an extremely high gloss finish. Even more amazing, after a day of boating on the Tennessee River was the absence of a waterline on my boat I have had my boat in the river three times since the initial application and it still looks great But most incredibly, my son took one of our jet-skis on a camping trip to Lake Allatoona and had the ski in the water for five straight days. To my complete astonishment, when he returned home from the trip there was NO WATERLINE ON THE JET-SKI Aero Slick is truly the most amazing product that I’ve ever come across in my 50+ years of boating. Congratulations on the development of such a wonderful product.
Mike Robinson
Rocky Face, GA

As a person who believes in the product known as Rain-x but always wished for a product that works as well on painted surfaces I am very happy with your product. I would never allow Rain-x to touch the paint on my vehicle, but Aero-Slick works as well as Rain-x on glass, and better than wax on the painted surface of my car.
John Sabo
Orlando, FL

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