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It's discovery in 1906 was due to an accident in a steam plant. A steam pipe burst and severely injured three workmen in a turpentine plant in Wilmington, NC. In finding their way out of the steam-filled building, one of the men fell into a pit of what is now known as ASTYPTODYNE, which was then a by-product of the Long Leaf Pine Tree and had no use. This man recovered from his burns quickly with practically no pain and little scaring. His co-workers were carried to the local hospital where they suffered for many weeks from pain and scars. Learning of this miracle, doctors and chemists throughout the Southland began a series of experiments with this oil. As a result of their findings and reports, it was found to be a natural healing oil. It was decided this was too valuable a remedy to neglect. The key to ASTYPTODYNE is that it is made with pure long-leaf pine oil which is an essential oil for healing.


ASTYPTODYNE treats back pain, knee pain, muscle soreness, burns, sunburn, burn care, cuts and other wound care, skin fungus, athlete's foot, poison oak and ivy, bee stings, fire ant and other bites and is the best mosquito and insect repellent available.

Other Products

TIME RELEASE BACTERIA & ODOR ELIMINATOR removes odors while eliminating all bacteria. Its time release formula last up to one week and is odor neutral unlike fabreze.

The Name

The word ASTYPTODYNE seems not only odd, but to some people, hard to pronounce. The manufacturer is often asked why we selected such a hard name for the product. The name ASTYPTODDYNE comes from three medical words that are beneficial actions of the healing oil.

ANTISEPTIC, kills germs.
STYPTIC, stops bleeding.
ANODYNE, stops pain.

These three words in combination make the word ASTYPTODYNE, which is used as the name for one of the best natural products for healing.

What is it?

ASTYPTODYNE is a distillate, scientifically produced by a patented process from the resinous wood of the "Long Leaf Pine." ASTYPTODYNE is an excellent antiseptic and germicide, which is largely used as a first-aid to the injured. It is not often that remedies are endorsed by family physicians and prescribed by them for their patients, but this is the case with ASTYPTODYNE.

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